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Violations of electricity facilities.

  1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​ In the event that the Subscriber found to have connected additional loads to the previous connection without prior written permission from the Company. The Company shall have the right to disconnect the Service from the Property and the Subscriber shall bear any consequences that may result from the illegal addition of cable service or electricity failures, the physical consequences of such as energy charges ... etc.​

  2. The Subscriber shall bear the costs of replacing the meters inside his property or repairing the damage caused intentionally or because of negligence or tampering. He shall inform the Company of any defect or damage he may notice and shall result in the payment of the fine of the manipulation approved by the Electricity Regulatory Authority ) And the amendments that are:

    1. ​​​​ (100.000 OMR) for single-phase Energy Meter
    2. (300.000 OMR) for Three Phase Energy Meter &
    3. (500.000 OMR) for Three Phase Energy Meter with C.T
    4. If any damage or defect not happened by customers negligence or Tam pering, the maintenance of Energy Meter or replace by company at its own expense.​

  3. ​The electrician licensed to carry out the work by the Company or one of the other licensed companies: (Muscat Electricity Distribution Company, Majan Electricity Company, Rural Areas Company) shall be responsible for the connection of the property and the consequent technical violations. Violations of the application of the penalty whether temporarily suspended from work or withdrawal of the license to practice or inform the issuing authority of the license if it is not the Mazoon Electricity Company to take appropriate action against him. In addition, raise such violations to the regional director in the region to issue the appropriate decision according to the type of violation.​