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 ​​Tent Electrical Connection Service

   It is a temporary electrical connection service provided by Mazoon Electricity Company (MZEC) to Tent project owners for such             period as may be requested by them.​

​​Project Owners are requested to pre-register with MZEC by submitting the following documents:​

  1. Personal ID
  2. Registration Form completed, specifying the number of tents and electrical loads per tent
  3. Commercial Register
  4. Municipality Permit
  5. Internal Electrical Wiring License of the electrician who will be overseeing the tent internal electrical wiring
  6. Civil Defense License Certificate
  7. Signed Agreement for Tent Electrical Connection

​ ​​Tent Electrical Wiring Application Procedures:​

  •          1. Project Owner shall file the application along with the required documents with a Customers Care Representative at any of                         MZEC offices.
  •          2. When all conditions and requirements are met, an Agreement for Tent Electrical Connection will be signed with Project Owner.
  •          3.The Transaction is referred to the Inspection Department and processed as per MZEC's applicable procedures.
  •          4.Connection and pre-paid meter fees shall then be paid.
  •          5. Prepaid meters are not treated as three-phase meters; hence are subject to the Temporary Connection Regulations.
  •          6. Project Owner will be given an account number for the tent that, being connected to a fixed account number, may be re-used.​

After following the above steps, Project Owner will be registered as Contractor with MZEC and may be provided with the electrical connection service according to the approved requirements once he contacts the Call Centre requesting initiation of the service.

​To ​light up the tent, follow the below steps:

  • ​       1. Complete the tent installation and electrical wiring and have it tested by an approved Contractor as per the approved Test Form.
  •        2. When the tent is proven to have met safety requirements as per the Test Report submitted by the approved Wiring Contractor,                   please contact the Call Centre at 80077771 to submit the Test Form and obtain the Electrical Connection Authorization.
  •        3. As soon as the connection period expires, Customer/Contractor shall contact the Call Centre requesting disconnection.