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​​​​​​​​​​​Solar energy is one of the most important forms of renewable energy. It is safe and clean and does not produce harmful emissions. It is a natural source of energy that can be used to generate electricity for homes, private and governmental institutions by using efficient solar panels that conserve consumption and save energy resources.

How Solar System Works

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Inverters
  3. Distribution Board
  4. Distribution Board
  5. Electricity Mains Grid

Applying for the service

  1. Consultation and Design ​You can contact Mazoon Electricity Company to obtain the list of approved contractors by DCRB. The contractor will help you to choose the Solar System design. The contractor will prepare the proposed Designs and takes the needed approvals before submitting the request to the company.
  2. Initial Request Application Submit initial request to the company and attach the proposed design and other approvals from other entities to complete the request.
  3. System Installation After getting the initial approval form Mazoon Electricity Company, the contractor will install the system based on the approved design.
  4. Connecting to the network Once the Solar system is installed, inspection and to submit connection request. Then the company will confirm that the connection is complied with QHSE requirements. Once the confirmation is obtained, the Solar system will be connected to the network and an agreement (import and export) will be signed between the company and the customer.
  5. Energy Production After signing the agreement and connecting the Solar system to the Mazoon Electricity network, the customer will be able to export energy from the Solar System to the Company's network based on the approved Supply specifications. The customer will be compensated for the energy exported to the Company's network based on the approved regulation by the AER-Oman.


Charge for connection (OMR) Initial request fees (OMR)SPV System Capacity
5050Up to 20 KW
10050>20 KW - 60 KW
500100 >60 KW - 200 KW
1000500 >200 KW - 1000 KW
16001000 >1 MW - 4.5 MW
20001000>4.6 MW - 9 MW
30001000>9 MW - 15 MW

Supply Charges

Power export cost is the total cost of the power procurement from the customer which is calculated based on a certain time period and priced at a different price as shown in the below table.

TOD Register IdentificationOff-peakWeek day - peakNight-peak Weekend day-Peak
Time Slot










Monthsoff-peakWeek day - peakNight-peakWeekend day-Peak
August- September 16222620

The above rates are for 2019.

*BST tariff is subject to change on annual basis.

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