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What to do when electricity goes off in your home ?

  1. Check to see if any of your neighbors have lost their supply. If they have not, the problem could be with your electrical installation.
  2. If you have a trip switch, check to see if your trip switch has moved to the “off" position. If it has, switch off all your appliances and try to reset the trip. The supply may then come back on.
  3. If the trip switch is in the “on" position, if your neighbors also have no electricity or if you can find no other reason, there may be a problem with the electrical supply in your locality. If so, please contact us on 80077771 to report the problem.
  4. Always have a torch or candles and matches nearby. If you have a torch, check the batteries regularly; if you use a candle, always be careful not to start a fire. Keep candles and matches away from children.
  5. We advise you to use an emergency light, which comes on as soon the main electricity goes off. Please let us know if you require any further information on the emergency lights.