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  • The tariff for the residential category is devised as follows:
  •  Citizen account tariff
  •  Resident tariff and additional citizen accounts

Examples of changes in electricity bills for customers according to the new tariff

  • • The customers, who update their information with the company, can apply for the National Subsidy Tariff starting from the fourth of the next month. For example
  • • A customer updated his data on company website on 10th of the month, the company takes maximum of 10 days to update the information (20th of the month).
  • • On the 1st of the next month the company sends data to the central system
  • • On the fourth of the next month, data uploaded on the National Subsidy System and will be ready for update.
  • • This means that customers updating their information after the 20th of the month, will only see their updated information after 50 days on the National Subsidy System.