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​​​​​​​​​Required connection is considered Complex if:

  1. Premise is more than 1.5 km far from the closest existing 11KV Network and/or
  2. ​ Requires a demand load of 2500 kW or more.

If your connection is of this category, a different approach from simple connections will be used. In case the connection you applied for is of residential, the company will endeavor to incorporate your requirement into its network expansions plans, however if you prefer faster approach you will be provided with a connection offer.

Once we have clarified the basic technical details with you we will usually provide an indicative cost of budgetary estimate as soon as possible.

If the indicative cost is acceptable to you, we will prepare a detailed design for the new connection. There will be a cost for preparing this design, which will usually be payable when you accept the quotation. In certain circumstances, we may require payment for design work in advance.​

We will write to you with a Connection Offer as soon as the design is finalized and fully costed. This describes the technical aspects of the connection and shows the contribution charge that is required.

In the case of some very large customers, it may be necessary to connect to the system of the Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC).

We will advise you should this be necessary and provide assistance in formulating the connection application to OETC. Note that you will require a Supply Agreement with Mazoon Electricity Company even though you are not connected to the

OETC system.

How to proceed

You can visit any of our offices, and fill the related application form with required documents.