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Terms and conditions for fraud reporting page

  1. This page shall receive all complaints and reports from staff or external parties dealing with Mazoon Electricity Company SAOC (MZEC) about any aspect of services or conduct of any employee including officials of the company or other parties acting on behalf of MZEC. For example reported case shall include but not limited to: Alleged Misconduct , unlawful conduct , financial malpractice, misuse/damage/theft to MZEC’s properties, coercion threats, any irregularities, violations and suspected fraud/ conflict of interest cases that might affect Mazoon Electricity Company (MZEC) in any mean , embezzlement, bribery, corruption, authority abuse, mistrust, …etc.

  2. This page is not meant for submitting complaints which are meant to be dealt with in the regular established policies and procedures of the company such as complaints relating to HR matters, promotion grievance etc.

  3. Alleged Misconduct
  4. Misconduct is a matter that should be reported, and which includes, but is not limited to, the following ::

    1. Financial irregularities, including fraud, bribery and corruption;
    2. Deliberate manipulation of financial information or company data, misrepresentation of financial statements or fraudulent financial reporting;
    3. A Criminal Offence prior to commission, during commission or after commission;
    4. Deliberate non-compliance with legal obligations under Omani Law, knowingly violating Omani Law and/or deliberately exposing MZEC to penalties, fines and/or legal action;
    5. Material and persistent violation of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, or any other internal manuals or policies;
    6. Acts or omissions resulting in miscarriage of justice;
    7. Acts or omissions leading to a danger to health, safety or environment of another member of the MZEC;
    8. Misappropriating or abusing an MZEC’s property or assets;
    9. Accepting, requesting or approaching incentives/bribery from any individual to facilitate or expedite a procedure;
    10. Forging official documents;
    11. Disclosure of confidential / proprietary information to unauthorized personnel and/or using confidential / proprietary information acquired in the course of one’s work for personal advantage;
    12. Concealment of, or attempts to conceal, any of the above.

    Any such matters shall be “Alleged Misconduct” until proven by the Formal Investigation.

  5. All submitted data should be accurate so that the report can be processed
  6. MZEC shall confirms that you are safe from any retaliation such as disciplinary actions, threats or intimidation of termination or suspension, transfers/demotions/ refusal of promotion, and any direct or indirect use of authority to obstruct the reporters’ right to continue to perform his duties and making further disclosures. The information you may provide shall be treated as confidential. They shall be available only to those authorized. None of this information shall be disclosed, transferred, announced or published except upon your prior approval and in the cases sanctioned by the law.
  7. You shall not use this page except for the legal purposes for which it has been created and subject to the laws, regulations, systems, and instructions applicable from time to time. The illegal practices include, but not limited to, the following:
    • Using the page to commit an illegal action or instigate others to get involved in any behavior that may be a crime or involve civil liability.
    • Entering or publishing any illegal contents that include discrimination, defamation, abuse, libel, or pornography.
    • Using the page to impersonate other people or parties.
  8. Using the page to upload any material that may include viruses, computer codes, files, and software that would change, damage, or hinder the operation of the page or any computer or program of any of its users.
  9. Obligations of the Whistleblower
  10. Each Whistleblower shall act in good faith at all times. Any Whistleblower who reports or raises any Alleged Misconduct that later proves to be untrue, deliberately misrepresented, maliciously or knowingly false will be viewed as having committed a serious disciplinary offence for which appropriate action may be taken.

    Without prejudice to the foregoing, it should be noted that: (a) it is not the Whistleblower’s responsibility to investigate the Alleged Misconduct, to determine fault and/or to undertake corrective or remedial action; and (b) the Whistleblower who provides evidence of Alleged Misconduct must have come across the evidence or Alleged Misconduct during his/her normal course of duty.

  11. The information submitted are directly goes to and regularly reviewed by independent body such as the Chief Internal Auditor, Chairman of Audit and Risk Committee and a member of the Audit and Risk Committee.
  12. Those authorized, according to their discretion, shall have the right to remove or edit any data that may be a violation of the terms and conditions mentioned herein or the applicable laws, regulations and conventions.
  13. Those authorized, according to their discretion, shall have the right to remove or edit any data that may be a violation of the terms and conditions mentioned herein or the applicable laws, regulations and conventions.
  14. Those authorized shall have the right to amend the terms and conditions mentioned herein. You use of the website after such amendments shall be taken as an approval thereof.
  15. The personal complaints and reports or those outside the jurisdiction of MZEC shall not be considered. In addition, MZEC is not obliged to announce the measures taken regarding the reported violations.
  16. Those authorized in MZEC may contact you for further clarification and explanations.