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Internal electrical wiring licence request

To ensure the safety and quality of internal electrical connections, Mazoon Electricity issues internal electrical wiring licence to electricians. One can apply for the licence by filling the request form for internal electrical wiring licence.

Qualifications required for internal electrical wiring licence

  1. Candidate must demonstrate his knowledge, skills and ability to conduct electrical wiring installations.
  2. For non-Omanis, a minimum of 3 years’ experience in electrical field is mandatory.
  3. Candidate must have high a secondary certificate and at least six months training certificate in electricity from an authorised institute (embassy certified for non-Omanis).

Required documents for internal electrical wiring licence

  1. Copy of ID with recent photograph.
  2. Course in Oman Electrical standard No.4 (Re-assessment).
  3. Request letter (if applied by a company).

Process to obtain internal electrical wiring licence

  1. Apply through Application form.
  2. Mazoon Electricity will conduct written exams and practical test for candidates interested in securing a licence.
  3. Once the electrician receives his licence, he will be allowed to install electrical wiring for buildings as per Oman Electrical standard No.4.
  4. Mazoon Electricity will have jurisdiction over wiring works and it will monitor implementation of safety measures and specifications.
  5. The company will ensure safety standards are followed while carrying out wiring works.

Forms to register: