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Dear Supplier​,

This page helps you enquire the financial information regarding the purchase orders and the payments. You will be enabled to access your financial inquiries by entering the username and password given by the Finance Department, where you will have the choice to access the purchase or payment enquires for Mazoon Electricity Finance department.

Payment enquire

Purchase Order enquire

Please note that as Purchase and Payable Sections:

We are going to accept the inquiries, giving ready POs, receiving invoices in specified three days a week which are: Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30 to 3:00.

We receive a performance bond for the LPO’s and Performance bound & the insurance for the project 2013 only.

Please note that the performance bond for the LPO should be 5% of the LPO amount and it should be one year form received the LPO.

Performance bond for the Contract should be 5% of the contract sum, the period should be as the Contract agreement sheet plus one year.

We will not accept any Release of Performance Bonds without Approval from the Senior Managers of Sharqiya or Al -Dakhliya or South Al-Batinah. ( each work per region).